Beefeater Premium 5 Burner Hooded Cover for SL4000 trolley models



We offer the official range of Beefeater barbecue covers, adding extra protection against the elements.

When buying or owning a barbecue, you'll want to keep it in perfect condition, especially if you plan on keeping it outdoors or in storage for long periods of time, hence why Beefeater sells a range of perfectly fitting protective covers to ensure that your grill is covered and protected.

Premium BBQ Covers - Premium Beefeater covers are made from vinyl and offer a more heavy-duty material compared to the standard versions. Vinyl is able to repel rainwater, offering better protection against weathering. 


** recommends that all products are installed by a licensed installer. Please review all model manuals and installation guide to insure products are installed correctly. is not responsible for any errors in installation or incorrectly purchased products to be used for installation. Manufacturer's guides should always be used to verify required materials and products prior to installation.**