Step 3 - Accessories - Empire Comfort Systems for VFRL and VFIL Burners (Optional)



Vent-Free Loft Series Burner (VFRL, VFIL)


Loft Burners deliver a contemporary look with an artistic flair – by itself or accessorized to suit the room. Choose decorative tops and firebox liners, in reflective black or brushed stainless steel, and crushed glass in black polished, blue clear, and clear frost.

  • 18, 24 and 30-inch Vent-Free Burners – up to 40,000 Btu
  • Millivolt models include an on/off switch but will operate with Empire remote controls and thermostats
  • Intermittent Pilot models include a variable flame height thermostat remote control with 30 percent turndown (for vent-free installation only)
  • Special 10,000 Btu Millivolt model for bedroom applications (where allowed by code)


A vent-free Millivolt Loft Burner may also be installed as a decorative appliance in a vented fireplace to provide ambiance and light – but without the heat. In a vented installation, the burner cannot be operated by thermostat, and the flue damper must be blockedopen.  A damper clamp is included with all Loft burners.  Because IP Loft Burners include a thermostat remote and may not be installed as decorative appliances, a non-thermostat remote is available.


Vent-Free Systems operate as Vented Systems by opening flue damper
• A Vent-Free Burner may be installed in a vented fireplace for use as a decorative appliance.
A decorative appliance operates with an on/off switch or remote and may not operate with
a thermostat. See owner’s manual for complete instructions.
• Fits Vent-Free Deluxe Fireboxes


Vent-Free/Vented Loft Burners
Millivolt with Fits Empire
On/Off Switch

  Fits Empire
Min. Firebox
Input Btu
Wt (lb.)
Propane Natural
18-in 32-in 10,000 13 VFRL1810P VFRL1810N
18-in. 32-in 26,000 13 VFRL18P VFRL18N
24-in 36-in 36,000 15 VFRL24P VFRL24N
30-in 42-in 40,000 18 VFRL30P VFRL30N


Vent-Free/Vented Loft Burners,
Intermittent Pilot
includes Thermostat
Variable Remote

  Fits Empire
Min. Firebox
Input Btu
Wt (lb.)
Propane Natural
18-in. 32-in 26,000 14 VFIL18P VFIL18N
24-in 36-in 36,000 16 VFIL24P VFIL24N
30-in 42-in 40,000 18 VFIL30P VFIL30N









** recommends that all products are installed by a licensed installer. Please review all model manuals and installation guide to insure products are installed correctly. is not responsible for any errors in installation or incorrectly purchased products to be used for installation. Manufacturer's guides should always be used to verify required materials and products prior to installation.**