Empire Comfort Systems - Loft Series Vent-Free Multi-Sided Burner - Crushed Glass



Cover the burner top with decorative crushed glass. The flames in your Loft or Boulevard Fireplace will dance beautifully across the bed of this polished black crushed glass and reflect beautifully off the black porcelain liner.

Owners of Empire Loft gas fireplaces really love this Empire Decorative Polished Black Fireplace Glass for the unique visual element it brings to the fireplace area. The glass conceals the fireplace's burner, creating the illusion that the flames are floating above a reflective black field. The glass is formed from high-quality tempered glass panes, screened for consistent particle size, and tumbled to smooth out any sharp edges that may be present. For you that means it's safe and easy-to-handle, and for your Loft fireplace that means that the glass will make the fireplace even more beautiful and striking that it was when you got it.



  • Conceals fireplace burner and makes flames appear to be floating above a reflective field
  • Covers 1 sq. ft.
  • Attractive Polished black finish
  • Formed from high-quality tempered glass panes
  • Screening process ensures consistent particle size
  • All pieces have been tumbled to soften sharp edges

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