Empire Comfort Systems - Rushmore Direct-Vent Insert with TruFlame Technology, 30 - DV TruFlame Insert



The Rushmore 30 direct-vent gas fireplace insert by White Mountain Hearth features TruFlame Technology that incorporates adjustable inlet & outlet baffles and precisely designed airflow through the firebox to produce exceptionally real flame patterns while maximizing efficiency.

Comes standard with a multi-function thermostat-controlled remote that allows you to light the fire, control the flame height, adjust the accent lighting and vary the speed of the included built-in blower. In Smart mode, the thermostat automatically reduces flame height and blower speed as your room reaches the desired setting – eliminating temperature fluctuations.

A wood-burning fireplace sends more than half of its heat up the flue, creating negative pressure in your home that draws in outside air through gaps in doors and windows and actually makes a home colder. The Rushmore direct-vent insert system uses flexible co-linear vent pipes. One draws air from outside your home, and the other sends flue products directly outdoors. The flexible metal venting allows the insert to install easily in a site-built or manufactured fireplace.

Features :

  • TruFlame Technology Catalyst Allows Larger Flames And Cleaner Burn
  • Multi-Function Remote That Controls Temperature, Flame Height, Accent Lighting And Blower Speed
  • Accent Lighting On/Off with Dimming
  • Automatic Blower
  • Large 25-1/2" Wide X 15-1/4" Tall Viewing Area
  • Ceramic Glass For Best Heat Transfer
  • Choose between two different log style; Traditional Charred or Driftwood
  • Expanded Ember Bed Burner System
  • Uses 3" X 4" Flex Vent
  • Optional Decorative Fronts
  • Choose From Three Different Interior Brick Styles Shown Below
  • Safety Barrier Screen Included
  • Battery Backup & AC Adapter
  • Electronic Pilot Ignition
  • BTU Ratings On Natural Gas: 8,500 On Low And Up To 30,000 On High
  • BTU Ratings On Propane Gas: 10,000 On Low And Up To 28,500 On High


Liners & Logs


Surrounds & Fronts









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