Empire Comfort Systems - Tahoe Direct-Vent Fireplace - Premium 48 - Millivolt Control



This direct-vent fireplace draws in fresh outside air to support combustion and exhausts combustion by-products to the outdoors. The Tahoe’s vent-within-a-vent isolates the incoming fresh air from the exhaust, yet still requires just a single hole through the wall or roof.

The large heat-resistant, tempered glass window provides an unobstructed view to the hand-painted log set.


Remote Control

Take charge of your Millivolt or IP fireplace with a battery-operated remote control, thermostat remote, electric remote control, wall thermostat, or wall switch.

Door Frame

Door Set

Outer Frame

Our metal three-piece outer frames let you transition from your fireplace to the adjoining mantel or wall. Choose steel frames – with traditional crisp lines – or aluminum frames – that combines gentle concaves with flat surfaces. The frames and optional bottom trim are available in black, hammered pewter, and stainless steel.



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