MHP Infrared Burner Liquid Propane Barbecue Grills WRG4DD-PS



WRG Model specific features include High BTU's of cooking power, 574 total sq. in. of cooking area, electronic ignition, stainless steel heat indicator and two fold-down stainless steel side shelves with tool holders.

PLUS this unit also features the exclusive Searmagic cooking grid system. The Searmagic system replaces the Original stainless steel grids with anodized aluminum grids that have raised ribs on one side for great sear marks while not letting small foods fall through and control flare-ups. You can also reverse the grids for a flat surface for grilling delicate foods like fish, seafood, and vegetables.

This unit also features Full Infra-Red burners throughout! For those that like to sear a steak while truly keeping the juices inside, this is the unit for you! Fajits and other thin slices of meats only take a few minutes to cook on this high-powered grill!


  • Stainless Steel Fold Down Shelves
  • PatentedĀ SearMagicĀ® Cooking GridsĀ andĀ Warming Rack
  • Electronic Ignition Lights Individual Burners
  • Sta-Kool Stainless Steel Handle
  • Built-in Heat Indicator
    Advantages of Infrared
  • Fast... heats up in approximately 3 minutes
  • Intense heat...seals in meat juices for better flavor
  • Time saver...heats up faster with shorter grilling time
  • Reduce flare-ups...high intense heat vaporizes juices instantly


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