Summerset Grills Refrigerator Trim 24" Stainless Steel fits SSRFR 24S 24D 24DR2 24DWC 24DK1 24DK2 SSRTK-24



This stainless steel trim kit provides a clean, professional-looking installation around your Summerset refrigerators. This SSRTK-L is designed to fit Summerset deluxe refrigerators, wine cooler and kegerator - SSRFR-S3, SSRFR-D1, SSRFR-D2D, SSRFR-DWC


  • Adds a finished look to your outdoor refrigerator
  • 305-grade stainless steel construction for maximum durability
  • Designed for use with Summerset deluxe refrigerators, wine cooler and Kegerator
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