Superior 45" Direct Vent Gas Fireplace with Charred Oak Logs DRT3545



The DRT3545 Pro Series direct-vent gas fireplace offers the ultimate in style and performance. Standard features include the interior lighting, ceramic glass, full-function remote and a variable-speed blower. The standard electronic IPI ignition system features seamless battery back-up and can be operated in a continuous pilot mode. This unit will keep living areas warm and inviting, while optional accessories bring added style to any room. As versatile as it is efficient, the DRT3545 Pro Series is the choice for affordable comfort without compromise.

These vented gas fireplace heaters are sealed combustion, air-circulating gas fireplaces designed for residential and commercial applications. Electronic fireplaces are designed with an electronic intermittent pilot ignition system. External electrical power is required to operate these units. In the event of a power outage, four (4) AA batteries (in battery holder) provide backup power for fireplace operation (excluding the optional blower).



  • Available for both natural gas and liquid propane fuel types.¬†
  • The burner distributes 26,000 to 28,000 BTUs, depending on the fuel type.
  • Top/Rear flue combo for the ultimate flexibility¬†when choosing where to install the fireplace.
  • Includes a detailed ceramic Charred Oak gas lot set, log grate, glowing embers, interior lighting, a touchscreen remote control, and variable-speed blower.
  • The ceramic glass is covered with a protective mesh screen.
  • Electronic ignition¬†includes a battery backup system
  • Interior mood lighting has six settings.
  • Adjust the flame height with the high/low flame operation control.
  • Increased heat output with the six-speed,¬†built-in¬†blower.
  • 4 different firebox liners:
    • Buff stacked brick
    • Vintage red stacked brick
    • Old town red herringbone¬†brick
    • Black reflective porcelain
  • The Radiant Smooth facing is finished in a Textured Black powder coat.
  • Multifunction, touchscreen remote control operates the thermostat, flame height, blower speed, mood lighting, and IPI/CPI.
This fireplace meets all 2015 ANSI barrier requirements.


  • Fuel Type:¬†Natural Gas | Liquid Propane
  • BTUs:¬†28,000 Natural Gas Max | 26,000 Liquid Propane Max
  • Ignition¬†Type:¬†Electronic¬†
  • Venting Type:¬†Direct Vent
  • Firebox Width:¬†45-1/4 Inches
  • Firebox Height:¬†37-1/8 Inches
  • Firebox Depth:¬†17 Inches
  • Framing Width:¬†45-3/8 Inches
  • Framing Height:¬†41-1/4 Inches
  • Framing Depth:¬†18-1/2 Inches
  • Facing:¬†Radiant Smooth¬†
  • Facings Powder Coat Finish:¬†Textured Black¬†
  • Flue Location:¬†Top/Rear Combination¬†
  • Firebox Panels Design:¬†Black Porcelain | Buff Stacked Brick | Vintage Red Stacked Brick | Old Town Red Herringbone¬†
  • Glass:¬†Ceramic¬†Glass¬†
  • Included Accessories:¬†Ceramic Charred Oak Log Set | Log Grate | Standard Interior Illumination | Glowing Embers | Six-Speed Blower | Touchscreen Remote Control
  • Direct Vent Requirements:¬†Built to ANSI Z21.88 | CSA 2.33 CAN/CGA 2.17-M91 Standards | PFS report F13-094
  • Uses:¬†4.5"/7.5" Secure Vent TM | Secure Flex TM Direct-Vent Components

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